Beloeil wants to designate some streets play zones for kids

To encourage more residents to be physically active, an off-island Montreal suburb wants to designate some streets as play zones. The City of Beloeil initiative, dubbed “Dans ma rue, on joue” (on my street, we play),... Read more
27.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

British kids start using iPads and Tablets at the Age of Two

Most kids start using tablets by the age of two and get a smartphone when they are seven, a survey has found. More than half of parents admitted they made the wrong decision and, shockingly, over... Read more
26.05.16 | Comment | author: Stephen Hayward

Five reasons why nature play is awesome

Our family is lucky enough to live in a beautiful environment; near the beach but on a mountain. We have beautiful walking tracks, waterfalls, beaches, riverbeds, creeks, wetlands and bush trails all within close proximity.... Read more
26.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

Korean children spend 34 minutes outdoors per day

South Korean children spend an average of 34 minutes outside each day, significantly less than children in other countries, a study showed Tuesday. The National Institute of Environmental Research said that Korean children spend less time... Read more
25.05.16 | Comment | author: Ock Hyun-ju
Young people playing at the Evergreen Adventure Playground in Dalston, London to mark Playday 2006.

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Lisa Mangan Forster Company 020 7403 2230

Photographer : Howard.Davies 01273 208741

Diversity within the children play sector

Having worked in the Play and Youth Work profession for over 16 years in a variety of roles and settings, writing about diversity within the play sector is very dear to my heart. ‘Why?’, you may... Read more
25.05.16 | Comment | author: Jade Newton-Gardener

An urban planners guide to engaging with children

Children are the group in society, arguably, most sensitive to their surroundings and most affected by changes in their local environment. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child enshrines in international law a... Read more
24.05.16 | Comment | author: Jenny Wood
Waterfall Susan Carmichael Richards

Children nature play takes new heights

Many science museums and zoological parks provide outdoor play spaces for their young visitors and families.  The Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina provides an exemplary nature play space worth replicating elsewhere.... Read more
24.05.16 | Comment | author: Victoria Derr

New research shows prisoners spend more time outdoors than UK children

According to a new survey, funded by laundry detergent Persil, children spend less time outdoors than high-security prisoners. The Unilever detergent company wanted to bring this issue to life and to start a global conversation about... Read more
19.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

Meditation can foster academic success for children

A 2015 research study found that fourth- and fifth-grade students who participate in a four-month meditation program showed improvements in executive functions like: cognitive control working memory cognitive flexibility better math skills The program, called MindUP, incorporated mindfulness practices such... Read more
18.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 13.53.40

Decline in American children involved in sports

The 2016 Project Play Summit is the nation’s premier gathering of thought leader’s at the intersection of youth, sport, and health. On Tuesday at the Summit, more than 450 youth sports advocates, professional league officials and... Read more
18.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby
The tiny architects of Box City walk through the miniature buildings after learning about urban and city planning during the event sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. About 200 children designed and built the tiny buildings for the city, which took shape Saturday in the atrium of the Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building. (Jordan Steffen, The Denver Post)

Box City Event: Children learn urban development

Box City in Denver, Colorado is a free event for children, ages 5 to 12, where participants learn about the process of urban development and the principles that make for sound architecture, design and planning.... Read more
17.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

Knowledge about the nature of children’s preferred play space

Danish Landscape Architect, Helle Nebelong, discusses her opinion on natural play space. In the article Nebelong says public playgrounds are an important area for children’s development. It is a stage in the children’s life where... Read more
13.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

Combining physical play and technology: the Mover Kit

Technology Will Save Us has launched their most recent product, the Mover Kit for children. According to researchers, 65% of jobs in the future currently do not exist. We need to prepare the Generation X/Y... Read more
13.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

104 Schools Helped by Imagination Playgrounds in 2016

On 11th of May, Imagination playgrounds announced to helping 104 schools from the beginning of 2016. Imagination playgrounds is a play concept developed to encourage child-directed, creative free play. In comparison with the recent article ‘How playing with... Read more
12.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

How World Vision is Helping the Syrian Crisis

In 2014 statistics, World Vision (WV) provided support to over 382,000 syrian refugees, 65 per cent of beneficiaries were children. Currently, there are 13.5 million people in Syria that need humanitarian assistance due to a... Read more
12.05.16 | Comment | author: Kristi Seaby

Loose parts play is highly engaging for children

“In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it.” Simon Nicholson, 1972, p. 5. When community activities attempt to... Read more
11.05.16 | Comment | author: Allie Pasquier

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Lab van Troje, a local non-profit organization in Ghent, Belgium is preparing a fourth generation of ‘Living Streets’: an experimental project that invites citizens to conceive and implement more sustainable and livable solutions for the... Read more