Isle of Man nature charity plans extensive new wild play area

The Manx (Isle of Man*) Wildlife Trust (MWT), has held a survey of how often children on the island play in the countryside as part of its planning for an exciting new wild play project on the island Tim... Read more
09.12.16 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Child in the City conference says cities have vital role for refugee children and should see all children as citizens of today

The conclusions of this year’s Child in the City conference, held in Ghent in November, have sent some strong messages to local policymakers and their municipalities about the need for greater commitments to holistic, long-term... Read more
09.12.16 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

New international conference aims to highlight importance of architecture for children

Children and young people hold enormous potential for the transformation of cities. Both playful and thoughtful, young people’s imaginations and thoughtfulness can serve as a significant source of inspiration for making cities more engaging and... Read more
08.12.16 | Comment | author: Victoria Derr

Putting children and families first in North Vancouver

This is the first in a three-part series  by the Canadian urbanist and writer, Jillian Glover: “Cities for Children and Families”. The series will showcase how local governments, non-profits and developers, in Canada and around the world, are... Read more
08.12.16 | Comment | author: Jillian Glover

Brexit ‘casts doubt’ on children’s rights, as May weakens UK commitment to children, says new report

A report from the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE), launched at the Houses of Parliament on 6 December, has warned that the state of children’s rights in the UK is worsening in Brexit Britain, and... Read more
07.12.16 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Vienna announced as host of Child in the City 2018

The next Child in the City conference will be hosted by the City of Vienna, the capital of Austria, during 24th – 26th September, 2018. The location for the 9th biennial international event was announced on the final... Read more
06.12.16 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Adrian Voce elected European Network President after retirement of Jan van Gils

The English writer and campaigner Adrian Voce OBE has been elected to succeed Jan van Gils PhD, as President of the European Network for Child Friendly Cities (ENCFC). Dr. Van Gils announced his retirement from the... Read more
06.12.16 | Comment | author: Marketa Vesela

300 million children live in areas with extreme air pollution, data reveals

Global study reveals huge number of children breathing toxic fumes more than six times over safe limits, while billions are affected by air pollution that exceeds guidelines Three hundred million of the world’s children live in... Read more
24.11.16 | Comment | author: Marketa Vesela

Scottish children ‘among least active’

Scotland has been placed joint last in an international study of physical activity among children. The research found that Scotland had one of the best environments and infrastructure for outdoor play among the 38 nations that... Read more
21.11.16 | Comment | author: Editor - BBC News

From the ground up: Shifting the lens of participation to young children

In Latin America, early work to explore this challenge began with the Criança Fala (“Child Speaks”) project of the consulting group, CriaCidade and the Bernard van Leer Foundation. Many children in São Paulo’s Vilinha neighbourhood... Read more
16.11.16 | Comment | author: Victoria Derr

Young children and the elderly together: a powerful combination for a good city

The Together Old and Young Project or TOY offers a playful, dynamic and sustainable approach to connecting our youngest and oldest citizens. But these two groups are the most marginalised and forgotten groups in city... Read more
31.10.16 | Comment | author: Margart Kernan

“Let the City Flourish:” Transforming Public Space in Bogotá, Colombia

This year, the city of Bogotá will be transforming some of its parking spots into public spaces – and places for play. Former Mayor Enrique Peñalosa, known worldwide for his establishment of Bogotá’s ciclovía, was... Read more
20.10.16 | Comment | author: Victoria Derr

Osteria Ai Pioppi. If you want to play, you have to push and sweat

Bruno Ferrin is the inventor and creator of an ecological park in Nervesa della Battaglia, in the province of Treviso, in Italy. The particularity of this park, for children and adults both, is that there... Read more
18.10.16 | Comment | author: Chiara Carlucci

Gasp! London’s poor air quality, its impact on children and how play activities can be part of the solution

Submission from London Play for Day of General Discussion at the UNCRC, September 2016 This paper highlights a serious triple threat to the health and wellbeing of London’s 1.8 million children, and the grave inequalities that... Read more
17.10.16 | 2 comments | author: Paul Hocker

Putting play at the heart of London’s schools

The charity London Play has launched ‘The Playtime Project’ to ‘put play at the heart of London’s schools’. A pilot will run until May 2017, with a London-wide roll out planned later that year. The Playtime... Read more
12.10.16 | 3 comments | author: Adrian Voce

No child’s play for Hong Kong kindergartens to fit in sufficient exercise time

Report says 99 per cent which took part in study did not allocate enough playtime for schoolchildren, which can be detrimental to their reflexes in the long run. A study has found that less than 1... Read more
11.10.16 | Comment | author: Josh Ye

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