Young citizen’s jury

The use of public space by children and young people (children) continues to inspire debate. Passionate proponents for children have argued for their rights to access public space, yet negative depictions and discourses of their... Read more
30.06.16 | Comment | author: Magdelena Madden

Backseat generation: breaking the vicious circle

Increasingly, parents are driving their children to school even when they live within cycling or walking distance. This is because the home-school trip has become, or is perceived to be, ever more dangerous … which... Read more
29.06.16 | Comment | author: Raf Canters

Vote play, vote to stay

There are good practical reasons for play advocates to vote ‘remain’, but perhaps, suggests Adrian Voce, none of these matter. The play movement is innately open and inclusive; the opposite of the leave campaign’s main... Read more
28.06.16 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Water break: is your child drinking enough fluids this summer?

Most children in the United States do not drink enough water, and when it’s hot outside, they may need to drink even more. But getting children to drink water can be a challenge. We spoke with... Read more
28.06.16 | Comment | author: Carolyn Beans
Dandenong Journal

Children design the city!

The Greater Dandenong City Council in Victoria, Australia, engages local children to help shape the local city and the experience children have as active participants within it. In May 2016, the Council invited primary school aged... Read more
27.06.16 | Comment | author: Kirsty Saunders

Brazil’s Instituto Alana Releases Children and Nature Project to Reconnect Kids with the Natural Environment

Today there is no doubt that life in cities has left nature farther away with children spending more and more time at home without contact with nature and no chance of playing outside in open... Read more
27.06.16 | Comment | author: Myrian
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.44.23

‘Get children playing outdoors’ to improve academic success and reduce obesity

Campaigns to promote physical activity and reduce obesity among children should focus more on active outdoor play, according to a study led at the University of Strathclyde. The Active Healthy Kids Scotland Report Card 2016 has... Read more
24.06.16 | Comment | author: Science Daily
The Guardian

‘Insidious’ tech firms must protect children online, says campaigner

A leading children’s rights campaigner has labelled technology companies “insidious” for putting freedom of expression above the need to protect young people from abuse online. Beeban Kidron, a film-maker and member of the House of Lords,... Read more
24.06.16 | Comment | author: Sandra Laville

Dutch kids encouraged to play outside in national campaign

All kids in the Netherlands were encouraged to play outside on the 8th June for the ninth edition of “Play Outside Day”, initiated by organization Jantje Beton and children’s channel Nickelodeon, reports. To encourage kids... Read more
23.06.16 | Comment | author: Janene Pieters
Screenshot 2016-06-23 10.35.02

Child friendly schools: a design strategy for children’s participation

A aim of creating a more child friendly school depends firstly on the development of strong partnerships between children, teachers, parents and specialists. However, every child is unique; childhoods are local, not universal. Thus, proper... Read more
23.06.16 | Comment | author: Ana-Maria Patroi

Exploring a board game wonderland

The wienXtra-spielebox is one of the largest board game libraries in the world and is mainly funded by the city of Vienna. It is the goal of the spielebox to promote and encourage the use... Read more
22.06.16 | Comment | author: Johanna France

Letters from children provide insights into the child friendly city

Children’s letters on what they find to be a child-friendly city can guide urban planning and enhance a spatially oriented understanding of children and politics. The child’s right to participation suggests encompassing children’s views as a... Read more
22.06.16 | Comment | author: Adriana Cordeiro

A toolkit for developing child friendly towns and cities

A child friendly city implements children’s rights in local policy. Cities can use the translated Unicef toolkit that consists of three steps: measuring the child friendliness – perception research with children – formulating a strategy.... Read more
21.06.16 | Comment | author: Imke Pichal
CNS-LIFE-GENDER -- Behind the scenes- the model of a fetus in the womb. On Mother's Day, one of the most startling broadcasts will be In the Womb on National Geographic Channel. Pictures of unborn infants are not new but this two-hour Brit documentary uses the latest in 3-D scanning technology to provide exceptional images of a baby girl from conception to birth. Her mouth opens, she swallows amniotic fluid, hiccups, learns innate reflexes when startled, seems to recognize familiar voices and music, selects a favourite thumb to suck (at 11 weeks), dreams (but of what?) and generally is awake about 10 per cent of the time. (CP PHOTO/ Alliance Atlantis/ HO)     *Calgary Herald Merlin Archive* DATE PUBLISHED THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2005  DATE PUBLISHED THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2005  *Calgary Herald Merlin Archive*FOR CNS LIFE PACKAGE, APRIL 2, 2010

Getting some fresh air is supposed to be good for you

Air pollution is of the main environmental problems for city dwellers, says the European Environmental Agency. Children are, according to the WHO, at high risk of suffering adverse effects of air pollution owing to their... Read more
21.06.16 | Comment | author: Danielle van Kalmthout

Turkey’s Largest Indoor Children’s Play Center Opens

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality opened Turkey’s largest indoor children’s play center, at over 20,000 square feet, in Kepez on Sunday. Zıp Zıp Park aims to offer children in Antalya a chance to play freely. Mehmet... Read more
20.06.16 | Comment | author: Dogan News Agency
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.30.51

Children’s play in urban high rise

The rapid urbanization of Indian cities poses significant challenges to the protection, provision and participation of children living in urban areas. Children’s play is no exception. Also, children from middle-class families are usually susceptible to... Read more
17.06.16 | Comment | author: Sruthi Atmakur Javdkar

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Lab van Troje, a local non-profit organization in Ghent, Belgium is preparing a fourth generation of ‘Living Streets’: an experimental project that invites citizens to conceive and implement more sustainable and livable solutions for the... Read more