Is this London nursery the future for childcare?

The availability of affordable, high quality childcare is a major challenge for both families and government. In this extract from the Guardian, Juliet Rix investigates why an innovative community nursery in East London is attracting the interest... Read more
23.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

EU guide to investing in children produced in child-friendly format

Eurochild has produced a child-friendly resource to explain the EU’s recommendations on investing in children, which was originally produced by the European Commission. The child friendly version of the recommendations uses accessible, colourful visual images and clear... Read more
23.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Children’s Commissioner calls for ‘digital citizenship’ classes

A new report from the Children’s Commissioner for England says that children need to have more control over their digital lives. She calls for a digital ombudsman and for classes in school that would teach... Read more
20.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Youth services in London cut by £22m

Youth services in London have had £22m cut from their budgets and lost more than a third of their staff over the last five years, according to figures provided to the Green Party. A series of Freedom... Read more
19.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

UN ‘chronically underfunded’ to tackle crimes against children – Save the Children

The United Nations-led mechanism for monitoring crimes against children was “chronically underfunded”, the group’s head has said in a speech highly critical of European governments. The head of Save the Children International Helle Thorning-Schmidt has demanded increased... Read more
19.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Disabled and refugee children have the right to play too

Children’s right to play is universal, but often overlooked. This is especially true for refugee children. When they are also disabled, the neglect of this essential human right – so important for children trying to... Read more
18.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Unaccompanied child migrants to Italy doubled in 2016, says UNICEF

Some 25,800 unaccompanied minor migrants reached Italy in 2016, more than double the figure of 2015, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has said. The figure represented more than 90 per cent of a total of 28,200... Read more
18.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

A good way to measure a city is how well it treats its children

Could progress towards more child friendly cities be better achieved if municipalities were more willing to learn from one another? Alexander Starritt explores how some innovation and good practice in things like participation could have universal... Read more
17.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Working with the youth of Vienna

The host city for the next Child in the City conference, Vienna has a children and youth service that aims to match the best in the world. Here, Bettina Schwarzmayr, of WienXtra, describes its distinctive qualities... Read more
16.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Building the asthma-friendly school garden

For the many children who have asthma, the typical schoolyard is not a friendly place. Most school gardens have pollen-producing male clonal shrubs, trees and many other plants that can provoke asthma attacks. Here, Peter... Read more
16.01.17 | 2 comments | author: Peter Prakke

Parents anxious about neighbourhoods restrict children’s outdoor play, finds new study

A study conducted by LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health has been greeted in the US as the country’s first serious research to find that parents who are concerned about the safety and... Read more
13.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Why are Dutch children the world’s happiest?

Following UNICEF’s (2013) report of children’s wellbeing indicators for the world’s richest nations placed the Netherlands at the top of the list, a new book by two immigrant mothers explores what it is about growing... Read more
12.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Young people focus their lens on climate change

In this second part of her article about youth campaigning for climate action, Victoria Derr looks at the key role of film-making arts in both empowering young people and providing an effective medium for their... Read more
12.01.17 | Comment | author: Victoria Derr

Rights made accessible for all children in Wales

The children’s commissioner for Wales has launched a new resource to enable children of all ages and abilities to understand their rights. The Welsh Campaign News reporter Carys Thomas reports. A new resource, launched by children’s... Read more
11.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

Muslim girls must attend mixed swimming lessons, says ECHR

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Swiss authorities did not violate the right to freedom of religion in rejecting parents’ request for their children’s exemption from mixed-sex swimming lessons. The Guardian’s Jennifer Rankin reports... Read more
11.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

‘Bonfire of children’s rights’ opposed by UK campaign groups

A Bill described as “a bonfire of child protection rights”, which would let local authorities opt out of key legal duties to children, was being debated by the UK Parliament on Tuesday, 10th January. This BBC... Read more
10.01.17 | Comment | author: Adrian Voce

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