“Let the City Flourish:” Transforming Public Space in Bogotá, Colombia

This year, the city of Bogotá will be transforming some of its parking spots into public spaces – and places for play. Former Mayor Enrique Peñalosa, known worldwide for his establishment of Bogotá’s ciclovía, was... Read more
20.10.16 | Comment | author: Victoria Derr

Osteria Ai Pioppi. If you want to play, you have to push and sweat

Bruno Ferrin is the inventor and creator of an ecological park in Nervesa della Battaglia, in the province of Treviso, in Italy. The particularity of this park, for children and adults both, is that there... Read more
18.10.16 | Comment | author: Chiara Carlucci

Gasp! London’s poor air quality, its impact on children and how play activities can be part of the solution

Submission from London Play for Day of General Discussion at the UNCRC, September 2016 This paper highlights a serious triple threat to the health and wellbeing of London’s 1.8 million children, and the grave inequalities that... Read more
17.10.16 | 1 comment | author: Paul Hocker

Putting play at the heart of London’s schools

The charity London Play has launched ‘The Playtime Project’ to ‘put play at the heart of London’s schools’. A pilot will run until May 2017, with a London-wide roll out planned later that year. The Playtime... Read more
12.10.16 | 2 comments | author: Adrian Voce

No child’s play for Hong Kong kindergartens to fit in sufficient exercise time

Report says 99 per cent which took part in study did not allocate enough playtime for schoolchildren, which can be detrimental to their reflexes in the long run. A study has found that less than 1... Read more
11.10.16 | Comment | author: Josh Ye

Playground surfacing (again), cycle helmets and public risk: there are no simple answers

It is with an inward sigh that I share the news that once again, the US Standards body ASTM is considering a proposal to adopt stricter requirements for playground surfacing. As regular readers will know, I... Read more
10.10.16 | Comment | author: Tim Gill

Encouraging children to form an emotional attachment to nature

We read it in the news every day. From climate change to overfishing to deforestation, it seems that we are on the brink of a natural disaster on an epic scale. If we cannot do... Read more
06.10.16 | Comment | author: Jill Suttie

Young people share their concerns at Child Summit in Ireland

“Children have a lot to teach adults” – wise words from a young contributor to Ireland’s first Child Summit which took place in Dublin on 8 September 2016. The purpose of the summit was to... Read more
04.10.16 | Comment | author: Jackie Bourke

Floating dorms could help students rent in city centers

A lack of affordable housing in city centers prompts some university students to rent far from the core, which can keep them from contributing to communities around their urban-based campuses. A Copenhagen housing startup thinks... Read more
28.09.16 | Comment | author: Kelsey E. Thomas

In pursuit of a safe walk to school, Oslo gamifies street design

A new app in Oslo gathers feedback on pedestrian safety from a group not often asked their opinion on urban planning: schoolchildren. The free Traffic Agent app allows children to send reports on safety hazards they... Read more
26.09.16 | Comment | author: Kelsey E. Thomas

Vancouver is making vibrant public spaces out of back alleys

Over 200 of Vancouver’s downtown blocks are bisected by an alleyway, but only one of those alleys — or “laneways” as Vancouverites call them — has a foosball court. As of last week, the alley... Read more
26.09.16 | Comment | author: Jen Kinney

An app designed by children roots for child-friendly cities

London/New Delhi: An innovative smartphone app is aimed at revolutionising the way urban life can be mapped to create child-friendly cities. It is also helping increase children’s participation in urban planning. ‘Map My Community’, designed by... Read more
23.09.16 | Comment | author: Press Trust of India

Engaging in fantasy play could benefit creative thinking in children

This is one of the findings of a study being presented on, Thursday 15 September, by Dr Louise Bunce of Oxford Brookes University to the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Developmental Psychology Section... Read more
19.09.16 | Comment | author: British Psychological Society

Help children to walk and cycle to school

Now that millions of pupils have gone back to school, we call on the government to get more children walking and cycling the school journey. Currently, a portion of the “sugar tax” is set to fund... Read more
19.09.16 | Comment | author: The Guardian

Seattle neighbors close streets for play time

A unique program to encourage kids to play outside is really taking off in parts of Seattle.  It’s called “play streets” and it allows neighborhoods to turn away cars in favor of play time. One block of... Read more
16.09.16 | Comment | author: Amy Moreno

Forest adventures: Ditch the laptop and let your child be wild

Coillte project aims to introduce children to the wonders of the great outdoors. Many of us might think that kids prefer to play on screen than play outside; it’s certainly what they tell us when they’re... Read more
15.09.16 | Comment | author: Grainne Loughran

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