An app designed by children roots for child-friendly cities

London/New Delhi: An innovative smartphone app is aimed at revolutionising the way urban life can be mapped to create child-friendly cities. It is also helping increase children’s participation in urban planning. ‘Map My Community’, designed by... Read more
23.09.16 | Comment | author: Press Trust of India

Engaging in fantasy play could benefit creative thinking in children

This is one of the findings of a study being presented on, Thursday 15 September, by Dr Louise Bunce of Oxford Brookes University to the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Developmental Psychology Section... Read more
19.09.16 | Comment | author: British Psychological Society

Help children to walk and cycle to school

Now that millions of pupils have gone back to school, we call on the government to get more children walking and cycling the school journey. Currently, a portion of the “sugar tax” is set to fund... Read more
19.09.16 | Comment | author: The Guardian

Seattle neighbors close streets for play time

A unique program to encourage kids to play outside is really taking off in parts of Seattle.  It’s called “play streets” and it allows neighborhoods to turn away cars in favor of play time. One block of... Read more
16.09.16 | Comment | author: Amy Moreno

Forest adventures: Ditch the laptop and let your child be wild

Coillte project aims to introduce children to the wonders of the great outdoors. Many of us might think that kids prefer to play on screen than play outside; it’s certainly what they tell us when they’re... Read more
15.09.16 | Comment | author: Grainne Loughran

Greek Education Ministry-UNICEF plan to educate refugee children

The Greek Ministry of Education and UNICEF are working together to help refugee children stranded in Greece complete their education. UNICEF Central and Eastern Europe Regional Director Marie-Pierre Poirier ended her four-day visit to Greece on... Read more
14.09.16 | Comment | author: Mary Harris

England’s largest outdoor learning project reveals children more motivated to learn when outside

The Natural Connections Demonstration project has published new evidence on the benefits of outdoor learning to pupils, teachers and schools. Children from 125 schools across the South West of England are happier, healthier and more motivated... Read more
14.09.16 | Comment | author: Natural England

Research: Making the case for investing in playwork provision

A recent study in Wales has concluded that every £1 invested in playwork returned £4.60 in immediate and deferred social benefits (The Means, 2016). Mike Barclay from Wrexham Play Development Team and Marianne Mannello from Play... Read more
09.09.16 | Comment | author: Marianne Mannello

UNICEF says 28 million children displaced by global conflict

Some 28 million children around the globe have been driven from their homes by violent conflict, with nearly as many abandoning their homes in search of a better life, according to a UNICEF report released... Read more
07.09.16 | Comment | author: CBC News

A small but potentially significant win for risk benefit assessment

How often do you hear that the ‘health and safety culture’ cannot be resisted? That fear of litigation makes people unwilling to accept the slightest possibility of accidents or injuries? The implication is that risk benefit... Read more
07.09.16 | Comment | author: Tim Gill

6 reasons why parks matter for health

The National Park Service celebrates its centennial this week, and our national parks have never been more appreciated; visitors made a record-breaking 307.2 million visits to them in 2015. But what many park goers may... Read more
07.09.16 | Comment | author: Teresa Mozur

Teens who grow up surrounded by nature are less likely to be aggressive

Whether it’s an urban park or a forested wilderness, being close to nature can benefit young people in unexpected ways. The power of nature has been studied on many occasions. It has been found to calm... Read more
05.09.16 | Comment | author: Katherine Martinko

Mobilising the children in the city means mobilising the city and the community itself

Childhood is actually a mirror… states may prepare glorious rituals, institutions may promote sensitive statements, nations may display power to hide their weaknesses, municipalities may even raise luxurious frontages to hide the seedily back yards,... Read more
30.08.16 | Comment | author: Eleni Karasavvidou
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 14.29.31

Minor refugees in Belgium learn how to bike

In 2015, 3300 unaccompanied minor refugees arrived in Belgium. Most of them are boys between 14 and 17 years old that have the same dreams of other youngsters: a world of peace, getting an education... Read more
24.08.16 | Comment | author: Els Vandenbroeck

How to engage kids and community in playground design

How can we learn what children and adults want and need in playgrounds? And how can we make sure that those playgrounds are a vital public space? These questions were front and center when I participated... Read more
22.08.16 | 1 comment | author: Susan Solomon

Researchers aim to boost physical activity in preschoolers

The University of Western Australia is teaming up with partners in the early education and care sector to find ways to improve young’s children’s physical activity, health and development. It follows a pilot study that found... Read more
19.08.16 | Comment | author: University of Western Australia

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Lab van Troje, a local non-profit organization in Ghent, Belgium is preparing a fourth generation of ‘Living Streets’: an experimental project that invites citizens to conceive and implement more sustainable and livable solutions for the... Read more