The main themes for the 8th Child in the City conference are:

Child Friendly Policy

A child friendly policy is more than a casual activity.  More and more cities develop are developing sustainable and global policy, including strategies, timing, capacities, partners, budgets, tools, intersectional approach and research.

The position of children in the city

How do children and young people on the one hand and local authorities on the other perceive each other?

Can this interaction support and further develop the identity of children and young people?

How can it strengthen their sense of belonging to their quarter, district, city, country and the EU; with other words: their citizenship?

Physical environment

Physical environment, important and interesting for children, is more than play areas. The urban environment should be child-oriented, youth-oriented, and intergenerational.  It is of decisive influence for people’s health and well-being individually and together.

Through these themes, we also want to pay special attention to the future: what is the further evolution of the child-friendly cities?